Arva NEO PRO SAFETY PACK - 2020/2021


330 €
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460 $
LVS Gerät
Neo Pro
Probe Raid 240
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From new backcountry users looking to get their first avalanche safety pack to enthusiasts who need a full upgrade of their old, trusty gear, the Neo Pro Safety Pack is an ideal choice for anyone in the business of playing in the backcountry. The Neo Pro Beacon is one of the most user friendly, fully-featured transceivers with a vast search range of 70+ meters, a motion sensor that will switch back to transmit mode if the user stops moving in the case of hang-fire, a standby mode for when you are digging rather than leading the search, and it comes with a harness that allows the beacon to still be worn even while in search mode. The Raid 240 Probe is sturdy and easily deployed with strong aluminum segments, a pin locking deployment system, and a stainless-steel tension cable. The guard shovel is compact yet strong, with two different shaft length options, and an anodized aluminum blade that is efficiently shaped for digging. Keep it fun, keep it safe, keep it simple with the ARVA Neo P

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