Beal SNOW GUIDE - 2021/2022 - Sitzgurte - Skialpové vybavení -


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1. Grösse, Taillenumfang , Beinschlaufenumfang
T1, Taillenumfang 65-85 cm, Beinschlaufenumfang 48-70 cm
2. Grösse, Taillenumfang , Beinschlaufenumfang
T2, Taillenumfang 80-110 cm, Beinschlaufenumfang 70-85 cm
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Ultra light, compact, and as durable as can be at a low weight, the Beal Snow Guide to be used only as a ski-mountaineering harness. The standard connector straps and the belay loop have been replaced by dyneema, a highly resistant material trademarked as the "the world's strongest fibre", and features have been kept to minimum with two soft gear loops and two ice tool holders to shed weight and make the Snow Guide as compact and packable as possible. With this minimalist design, the Snow Guide can be stuffed into backpacks and worn without causing any restrictions.

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