Skins 2017/2018

Skins 2017/2018

Climbing skins are the most important part of the equipment and also a symbol of ski mountaineering. Attached to the base of the ski before the ascent, detached, packed and stowed in the backpack while skiing down. The climbing layer is made of mohair, nylon or a mixture of both materials to give skins characteristic features. Mohair has great properties of both the grip while climbing up a great slide at the same time. Moreover, mohair is functional even in very low temperatures, but has a shorter service life. The nylon has excellent climbing abilities but worse sliding features, but has long service life. An ideal compromise represents the mix of both, mohair combined with nylon. The adhesive layer determines easy handling and user comfort - either made of a classic glue, a macromolecular adhesion layer, or hybrid technology. Climbing skins must always be well maintained. Keep in mind that dry and warmed up skins work most reliable.

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