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Avalanche Transceivers 2019/2020

Avalanche Transceivers 2019/2020

Avalanche transceiver is a device for search and localization of people buried by the avalanche. Before the start of every Ski tour, all participants must switch their devices On and check functionality with quick group cross check. The device must be switched to the „Send” mode, attached to the body by adjustable straps or stored safely in a zipped pocket of ski jacket or pant. In the case of avalanche, when someone is captured and buried by the avalanche, the device sends a signal. At that time, all remaining members of the group need to switch the avalanche transceiver into „Search” mode and start to search for the signal. When the strongest signal is found, use the avalanche probe to make the fine final search to prove the position of body under the snow. Snow shovels will then make the work of quick excavation. Modern transceivers use three antennas, software updates and offers function for marking multiple buried victim locations.

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