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Avalanche airbag systems Arva 2018/2019

Avalanche airbag systems Arva 2018/2019

This is a clearly arranged comparison of 14 systems from nine brands. There are two possibilities of filling the airbags: by compressed gas or by a ventilator which fills the airbag with air. So let me introduce you the technologies: P.RIDE, A.LIGHT, S.CAPE a S.LIGHT from ABS Airbag, VOLTAIR SYSTEM from Arcteryx, ARVA REACTOR, FLAT from American BCA, JET FORCE and updated JETFORCE 2.0 using Black Diamond and Pieps, REMOVABLE AIRBAG SYSTEM 3.0 (R.A.S. 3.0) and PROTECTION AIRBAG SYSTEM 3.0 (P.A.S. 3.0) made the Swiss brand Mammut, AVABAG produces Ortovox, ALPRIDE AIRBAG SYSTEM 2.0 and the new ALPRIDE E1 AIRBAG SYSTEM by Swiss Scott. The latest is the IAS - Integrated Avalanche System, which connects the Alpride 2.0 airbag and its own Breathing System.

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