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Peter Aschauer vypráví příběh lavinového batohu [článek] from michal.bulicka

** Discussion Rules ** The discussion forum on Skitour.Guru is intended for the exchange of personal opinions and experiences of ski mountaineers, freeriders, snowboarders and snowshoe tourists.

  1. It is best to write in writing, slang expressions are of course part of this forum.
  2. Profanity posts will be deleted.
  3. The discussant may disagree, which is common in the discussion. Mutual attacks on discussant, however, will not be tolerated.
  4. Before starting a new query, use a search to see if a similar query has already occurred in the discussion.
  5. Advertising is not part of the discussion forum. Advertising specifically means the repeated distribution of followers for products or services in which the discussant has a direct or indirect economic interest. If you are interested in advertising, please write to
  6. When you create a new discussion topic, put it in the appropriate category. Whenever possible, stick to the topic(s) during the discussion. Posts that do not belong to the topic can be moved and in extreme cases deleted.
  7. Name the new post so that everyone knows what it is about at a glance.
  8. Anyone can read the forum, but you must register and log in to post on the forum.
  9. Each discussant only registers once. Those who have set up multiple identities, especially to confuse other discussant, may be denied access to the forum.
  10. If you have forgotten your password, you can have a new one sent to you.
  11. The discussion forum on Skitour.Guru deals exclusively with the topic of sport in the mountains (ski mountaineering, skiing, splitboarding, snowshoes). Politics and other unrelated issues have no place here.

Discussions are moderated accordingly. Administrators reserve the right to delete posts that do not comply with the above rules without warning or reason. Thank you for your comprehension!