Grivel MISTRAL - 2022/2023 - Sedací úvazek - Skialpové vybavení -


2200 Kč
cena v EUR:
85 €
hmotnost úvazku
168 g
hmotnost při velikosti
1 velikost, obvod pasu, obvod stehna
S-M, obvod pasu 65-82 cm, obvod stehna 49-53 cm
2 velikost, obvod pasu, obvod stehna
M-L, obvod pasu 75-96 cm, obvod stehna 57-61 cm
3 velikost, obvod pasu, obvod stehna
L-XL obvod pasu 87-97 cm, obvod stehna 65-69 cm
poutka na materiál
použité materiály
Dimension-Polyant’s X-Tech
rozepínací nohavičky
web značky

Ultralight and minimalist, this harness will be the ideal solution for those super-fast alpine missions or your regular glacier ski-tour where a harness is more of a safety item rather than functional necessity. Extremely compact, you can hold it in the palm of your hand. The main construction is from Dimension-Polyant’s X-tech sail fabric, which is inherently waterproof and incredibly strong: a high fill count ensures the stability of the fabric and increases its resistance and durability. The aramid fabric will reduce bunching and therefore improve comfort. The height of the bridge is adjustable between two settings. The harness has two minimalist gear loops, adjustable leg-loop size and two lateral screw holders. It’s very easy to wear, you can put in on with skis or crampons on.

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