Camp ALP MOUNTAIN - 2019/2020


68.8 €
Preis in CZK:
260 g
1. Grösse, Taillenumfang , Beinschlaufenumfang
S, waist 64-82 cm, leg 53-59 cm
2. Grösse, Taillenumfang , Beinschlaufenumfang
M, waist 78-96 cm, leg 58-66 cm
3. Grösse, Taillenumfang , Beinschlaufenumfang
L, waist 92-110 cm, leg 63-69 cm
4. Grösse, Taillenumfang , Beinschlaufenumfang
XL, waist 90-103 cm, leg 63-70 cm
Anzahl der Materialschlaufen
gebrauchte Materialien
polyethylene, polyester, aluminium, acetal
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The Alp Mountain is a cutting-edge, ultralight and compact harness that features our innovative load webbing construction. It is more durable, comfortable, lighter, and easier to use than the existing lineup of mountaineering harnesses. Thanks to the blend of lightness, comfort, and ease of taking the Alp Mountain off and on, the harness is ideal for alpinism, ski mountaineering and high-level mountaineering. The Alp Mountain can be fully opened to be quickly put on or stripped off while wearing skis or crampons. Simply insert the waist belt through the belay loop and then close the buckles on the waist and legs. Webbing tabs on the buckles make them easy to de-thread while wearing gloves or mittens and the proprietary Sicura buckle design gives the security of steel auto-locking functionality at these critical connection points without losing the ability to quickly remove the harness.

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