Rental binding Dynafit 2020/2021 - Equipment for backcountry skiing and skimo - Skitour.Guru knows it!

Rental binding Dynafit 2020/2021

Rental binding Dynafit 2020/2021

Rental bindings, test bindings or demo bindings are used in ski touring equipment rentals and on test days. Test bindings allow you to adjust the distance between the toe piece and heel unit of the binding. The adjustment range of the demonstration bindings is significantly greater than that of the normal ones. This means that test bindings can be used for several shoe sizes. The heel unit is adjustable on all rental bindings. If the toe piece can also be moved, then it is possible to position the middle of the boot on the mounting point of the ski and to ensure that the ski has optimal riding characteristics for every size of ski boot.

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