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Wintergasse, 2244 m

  • Length of ascent2 km
  • ascent400 m
  • duration2-3 h
  • Fitness difficulty
  • Technical difficulty

 Tak vypadal sjezd ze Sonnblicku...

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 Pozir na tento kotel v ledovci!

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 Vjeli jsme do žlebu!

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 Výstup začíná u zbytků domu z dob zlatokoprecké horečky

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 V prašanu...

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 Tak se nám to povedlo, Jardo!

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 Žlábek Wintergasse při pohledu z výstupu ba Hocharn

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 Pohled do Wintergasse odspodu.

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 Je potřeba vystoupat 400 m

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 Wintergasse je skvělým přídavkem túry na Sonnblick, pokud spolupracuje počasí a sil je dostatek...

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 Stoupání terénem pod 30 stupňů.

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 Námraza na kamenech je známkou působení větru

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 V kotli plném prašanové vášně.

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  • Tak vypadal sjezd ze Sonnblicku...
  • Pozir na tento kotel v ledovci!
  • Vjeli jsme do žlebu!
  • Výstup začíná u zbytků domu z dob zlatokoprecké horečky
  • V prašanu...
  • Tak se nám to povedlo, Jardo!
  • Žlábek Wintergasse při pohledu z výstupu ba Hocharn
  • Pohled do Wintergasse odspodu.
  • Je potřeba vystoupat 400 m
  • Wintergasse je skvělým přídavkem túry na Sonnblick, pokud spolupracuje počasí a sil je dostatek...
  • Stoupání terénem pod 30 stupňů.
  • Námraza na kamenech je známkou působení větru
  • V kotli plném prašanové vášně.

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Wintergasse (Goldberggruppe - Hohe Tauern) is the ideal gorge for the extension Hoher Sonnblick ski tour. Ascent goes sideways and downhill ride through the northern exposition of a constant slope of 30 degrees.


Goldberggruppe Hohe Tauern Kolm Saigurn Rauris
Kolm Saigurn - Sonnblickbasis
UTM / CH1903 x ("longitude" E/W)
33T 344886
UTM / CH1903 y ("latitude" N/S)

Start point

Start Point
Knappenhaus (verfallen)
2333 m
UTM / CH1903 x ("longitude" E/W)
33 T 346791
UTM / CH1903 y ("latitude" N/S)

Ski tour map on Wintergasse

  • přístup k chatě
  • lehká túra
  • mírně obtížná túra
  • obtížná túra
  • mimořádně obtížná túra
  • vrchol
  • sedlo
  • výstup
  • sjezd
  • lavinové nebezpečí, svah > 30°
  • exponovaný, obtížný terén
  • cepín a mačky potřeba
  • začátek ledovce
  • ledovcové trhliny
  • skidepo
  • parkoviště
  • lanovka, vlek
  • restaurace
  • horská chata
  • bivakovací nouzová chata
  • hôtel, penzion
  • hut acces
  • little difficult tour
  • rather difficult tour
  • difficult tour
  • extremely difficult tour
  • peak, summit
  • col, pass, saddle
  • ascent
  • descent
  • avalanche danger, slope > 30°
  • exposed, difficulty terrain
  • crampons & ice axe necessary
  • glacier beginning
  • glacier cracks
  • skidepot
  • parking
  • cableway, skilift
  • restaurant
  • mountain hut, refuge
  • bivouac, winter room
  • hotel, pension
  • zugang zur hütte
  • wenig schwierige tour
  • ziemlich schwierige tour
  • schwierige tour
  • äusserst schwierige tour
  • gipfel
  • sattel, joch, pass
  • aufsieg
  • abfahrt
  • lawinengefahr, hangneigung > 30°
  • ausgesetzt, schwierige gelände
  • steigeisen & pickel erforderlich
  • gletscher anfang
  • gletscherspalten
  • skidepot
  • parkplatz
  • seilbahn, skilift
  • restaurant
  • berghütte
  • biwak, winterraum
  • hotel, pension
  • accesso capanna
  • tour piccolo difficile
  • tour piuttosto difficile
  • escursioni difficili
  • tour estremamente difficile
  • picco, vertice, piz
  • col, sella, passo, forcella
  • salita
  • discesa
  • pericolo di valanghe, pendenza > 30°
  • esposto, terreno difficolt?
  • ramponi & piccozza necessari
  • inizio ghiacciaio
  • crepe glacier
  • sci deposito
  • parcheggio
  • funivia, seggiovia
  • ristorante
  • rifugio, capanna
  • bivacco, locale invernale
  • alberghi, pensione
  • acces cabane
  • peu difficile tour
  • assez difficile tour
  • difficile tournée
  • extr?mement difficile tournée
  • pic, sommet
  • col, selle
  • ascension
  • descente
  • danger d'avalanche, pente > 30°
  • exposée, difficulté du terrain
  • crampons & piolet nécessaire
  • début glacier
  • crevasse du glacier
  • skis dépôt
  • parking
  • téléphérique, téléski
  • restaurant
  • cabane de montagne, refuge
  • bivouac, local d'hiver
  • hôtel, pension
  • < 20°
  • 20° - 25°
  • 25° - 30°
  • 30° - 35°
  • 35° - 40°
  • > 40°
The height profile indicates the slope of the hill. If you mouse over the curve, you will see the slope for this concrete position on the hill, which is also represented by a red drop on the map. The vertical color zones under the curve (see explanations above the profile) inform the slope which has impact on avalanche danger.

Planning of ski tour

Fitness difficulty
Technical difficulty
best time for this tour
all winter
Sonnblick, OEAV 1:25000, Nr. 42

About Ski tour

Time difficulty
2 h0,5 h
Ascent (height difference)
400 m
Lenght of ascent
2 km
Descent (height difference)
400 m
Total Lenght of tour
3 km
Total time of the tour
2-3 h
Elevation Range
2333 - 2244 m
Principal Aspect
S-south, N-north, W-west, E-east


GPX (track only)
best for display on a detailed topographical map ( or in apps for smartphones (Locus, Garmin Connect, etc.)
GPX (waipoints, track)
Wintergasse 2700m AUT SkitourGuru.gpx
great for uploading in GPS device
KML (with POI)
Wintergasse TOURmap.kml
for viewing in the Google Earth 3D map application, which you can install on your PC
Important warning: The information and data provided on Skitour.Guru has been compiled with great care. The use of all information is at your own risk. Personal experience and knowledge of a current state of slope are very important in addition to generally useful informations for the risk assessment. Itineraries of ski tours may vary from the ones mentioned above depending on the current snow conditions or terrain changes (eg glacier). Careful planning and assessment of the avalanche danger for specific slopes before each ski tour is crucial. The pictograms in the tour map mark the usual key points. In general, GPS device is a helpful friend, but in the end, it is always the person, who decides over the route line in the terrain. The height profile shows us the slope. The cited duration data are indicated, rather intended for slower ski tourers and include the movement time without pauses.

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