Beal SNOW RIDGE - 2021/2022 - Sedací úvazek - Skialpové vybavení -


65 €
cena v EUR:
65 €
hmotnost úvazku
320 g
hmotnost při velikosti
1 velikost, obvod pasu, obvod stehna
UNI, obvod pasu 70-105 cm, obvod stehna 50-70 cm
rozepínací nohavičky
web značky

Adjustable harness for skiing and easy mountain racing. Specially developed to be put on skis or cleats on the feet, its 2 magnetic fitting loops make it easy to set up, even with gloves. The two soft hardware holders don't bother, even with a backpack. It benefits from the RECCO research system® essential for mountain skiing and classic mountaineering. A captive pocket allows it to be stored.

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